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Waverunners / Jet Skis

Boogies 2019 Yamaha Waverunners will accommodate up to 3 passengers or max weight of 400 pounds at speeds up to 47 mph. with superb stability and extreme comfort giving this watercraft the driest ride available. You can enjoy a slow sightseeing cruise along the Emerald Coast or a high intensity thrill seeking ride that will defiantly make you want more. While at the controls you will experience easy maneuverability allowing for very precise turning and unbelievable acceleration. While enjoying all the features our wave runners have to offer the favorite among our customers is the incredible dolphin sightings. It gives you an up close view of this mammal in their natural habitat. There is a very large storage compartment aboard the Waverunner for drinks or your personal belongings, but remember whatever you bring should be waterproof as it may get wet.

We offer the largest riding area of any rental company in Destin. Rentals are available from 1/2 hour, hour, 1/2 day, full day and we also have weekly rates. Florida law requires the driver of the waverunner to be 16 years of age and if you were born on January 1, 1988 or after you must have a valid Florida Boaters License or complete a boater�s safety test. We offer the 25 question multiple choice test for a fee of $3. You must present a valid I.D. with your birth date in order to take the test.

Rental Rates

1/2 Hour (Includes: Life jacket, Fuel, and safety courses)
Entry Level- This purchase allows you to get a taste of riding the watercraft and to get your feet wet.
1 Hour (Includes: Life jacket, Fuel, and safety courses)
This purchase in more of a favorite as it allows for you to get real comfortable operating the watercraft while enjoying the performance at your fingertips.

1/2 Day (4 hours)
This is for the adventurous people which allow 4 hours of riding at a discount price. With this purchase your riding time can be used in a variety of ways:
1. Use all 4 hours at one time.
2. Split your hours as you see fit. Example: Use 1 hour today, use 1 hour the next day, and use the remaining 2 hours next time you are in town.

Full Day (8 hours)
This is especially good for families, large groups, or the person who loves to spend time on the water. This purchase gives you the most bang for your buck. You may split your time any way you choose:
1. Use all 8 hours at one time.
2. Split your hours as you see fit. Example: Use 2 hour today, use 1 hour the next day, and use the remaining 5 hours next time you are in town.

Weekly Rentals (5 Full Days)
Most people have no place to store wave runners so we recommend picking it up in the morning and dropping it off in the evening. This way your wave runner will be cleaned, serviced and refueled waiting for you the next day with no worries.

Recommended Items to Bring
1. Waterproof camera
2. Inexpensive goggles
3. Sunscreen
4. Towel
5. BIG Smile!!

Price For Waverunners / Jet Skis

$55.00 1/2 Hour
$85.00 1 Hour
$225.00 4 Hours
$350.00 8 Hours

Book Online Using Code “BWS” and Save $5 on a 1/2 Hour or $10 on a 1 Hour Rental!

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